Why should a man choose to purchase a custom made suit instead of buying one over a counter in any random shop? Below are some reasons why!

It is a worthy investment

Even though a custom made suit costs slightly more than an over-the-counter suit, one can be certain that the quality is definitely better. Hence a custom made tailored suit would last longer than one simply purchased in a store. It a well-worth long term investment.

Custom fit

Some common problems one would encounter when purchasing an over-the-counter suit would include imprecise fit. The sleeves would either be too long or too short and the fit does not complement one’s body shape. All these problems can be easily resolved if one would invest in a custom made tailored suit. With precise measurements and 2 fitting sessions, one would be certain to get a sleek, well-fitting suit.

With a custom fit, one need not be all suited up to project a professional image. With well-fitting shirt and pants, one is able to project not only self-confidence but also an aura of conscientiousness as it shows that one is well-groomed. Moreover, well-tailored shirts and pants allows one great comfort. These are essentials not just in the office but it could also carry one to business meetings or meals with potential clients. Hence, one would not need not have different clothes for different occasions. With well-cut and tailored shirts and pants, it could carry one from the office to restaurants and other networking events.

Image counts

Let’s face itL People do judge a book by its cover. Create a good first impression with an interviewer or client by appearing in a well-tailored suit. One exudes not only charm but also confidence when one dresses right. Once a good impression is created, half of the mountain has already been conquered.

Image is not only important in business events but also significant events that mark milestones of one’s life. We are able to tailor make suits for any occasion. From weddings, graduation or even prom, we would be able to make suits that address the theme and mood of the occasion.

Professional advice

It’s not just about the suit, but it is also about the service. At Brazil Tailors, we strive to provide quality customer service, ensuring that every single customer feels at ease with us. We would also provide advice regarding the type of collar, the type of sleeves as well as the accessories that would match the suit, achieving a cohesive and professional image.

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A well-tailored suit speaks volumes about a man’s taste, his sense of professionalism and confidence. Moreover, the decision of making an owning a suit can be seen as a long term investment. Hence, it is important that one finds a reputable and trustworthy tailor to assist him in designing and making his suit.

Brazil Tailor is one of the most respected names in Singapore for men’s bespoke tailoring. We specialise in making custom-made suits, which is a must-have for every man in the working world. Providing complete wardrobe planning services to suit your career, business and social needs, we are full-service custom tailor for men’s suits and business wear. A well-tailored goes a long way in projecting a positive self-image that could help one ace an interview or clinch a business deal.

At Brazil Tailors, we strive to meet the needs of customer. No request is too difficult and no detail too insignificant for us to look into. Paying special attention to stitching, fit and material choice, our experts would be able to advice you on the cutting that suits your body type as well as other functional elements of your suits that would not only be stylish but comfortable as well.

We also tailor shirts for both business and casual wear. During the consultation phase, we would advise you on the collar type, fit, sleeve length and cuff choices available. We also offer tailored pants that not only fit perfectly but also comfortable and functional. We would also offer our expert advice with regards to which shirts to pair with the type of pants as well as the accessories, such as shoes and cuff links, to complement the look. We also offer tailoring for special occasions such as weddings to ensure that you look your best on these memorable occasions.

We serve our client as far as 3rd generation. With over 40 years of experience in this trade, our exquisite workmanship is well-known among our customers, many of whom have come back time and time again, entrusting us to design a perfect suit just for them, regardless of the season or occasion.

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